High Performance Fishing Weights Made in the USA

Words of praise for Dave's Tangle Free

Jonny Hollis said:
Where I steelhead fish it's a very rocky and snaggy bottom and you loose weights on bottom, it's as simple as that. I was getting tired of loosing lead which after awhile that gets spendy and toxic… I switched to Dave's tangle free steal weights about 3 years ago and I'll never go back. The first reason is that when I do loose one, which isn't as often as a lead weight, it's not toxic! Another reason is that I've found that they don't hang up as often as lead, I think that the rubber coating helps the weight slide out better and it also makes it a bit thicker and that helps it not fall in as many cracks in the rocks. I have been very impressed so far by Dave's products and he is a great guy with a great product made in the USA.

Zack McGlothern said:
As a Fishing Guide, I have to only use products that work and work well. In the fall of 2013 I ordered my first pack of Dave's Tangle Free weights. As with any new product I approached with caution but I was quickly blown away with how effect and efficient these weights are. The first thing I noticed was how much less I was hanging up. With the round shape of the weight it tends to roll over rocks instead of dropping into them like pencil lead. That translates into more time fishing and less time retying. The other awesome thing was how it felt while drifting. Most lead gives a sharp tick while bouncing along and can make it hard to feel the bite. These weights moved along the bottom with a gentle bump to let you know you were on deck, but really allowed me and my clients to pick up the bite. This also works amazing for "Bobber Dogging" as it allow the float to glide along better and gives your bait a more natural presentation. Since I have started using these weights I have completely moved away from lead. These weights are easier to use and the non-toxic construction is something that appeals to me. From plunking to back-bouncing, side drifting to hover fishing, these weights do it all.

Grant Rilette said:
I use Dave's Tangle Free weights for several reasons. Most importantly; they catch fish. People probably laugh at the notion that a weight can help catch fish, but it's the details that get more fish to bite. Dave's weights sink fast, getting an offering to the fish quickly. They tick along the bottom silently due to the rubber casings which also prevent hanging up and snagging. Made with quality components in the USA, Dave's weights have increased my productivity on the water. The added bonus is that I'm not handling lead anymore on a daily basis, or depositing that lead into the rivers. What's not to love?

Bill Taylor said:
Have to say my Dave's Tangle Free weights have been just outstanding and not getting hung up...they just go and go and go!

Nick said:
Best weights ever made. Sure they're a tad more expensive but anything quality is (Simms, Lamiglas, GLoomis, etc). These weights are easy to use, durable, and don't get snagged on the bottom like lead does. Put them on a rolling drop swivel and you can fish the same rig all day. Only weights I'll use.

Rick Denham said:
I have been using Dave's weights now since the beginning of the summer and I absolutely love them. The first thing that I noticed right away was the feel. Normally when fishing lead weights after a period of time the lead becomes sticky and begins to grab on the rocks. Dave's weights help to glide and bounce of the rocks and they don't stick like lead. I was able to fish entire drifts all day with the same weight while others were snagging up constantly. I felt like this also helped me gain an edge with the feel of my presentation. I am able to keep my gear in the water longer and fishing effectively. This equates to more fish. I have used these for trout, salmon, steelhead and warm water species. Such versitility and the best part is they are lead free. No more worrying about possible health hazards. Just clip on and fish. A great quality product from a great guy! Try some of these out and you will see the difference.

Andrew Brown said:
I am a big fan of Dave’s tangle free! These weights are crafted to prevent your line from tangling as often, plus they are lead free and safe to handle. Any serious fisherman owes it to themselves to try out Dave’s weights and see how well they work. They are the only ones I will pack with me from now on. Anyone who tries them will see that they are superior to anything else on the market. I am extremely satisfied and will continue to use them.

Jason B. said:
While treasure hunting and fishing in the rivers of SW Washington and Oregon I’ve found countless weights, hooks and other gear that are lost due to snags. After using Dave’s weights for over a year now I can honestly say that they snag significantly less than other products I have tried. This helps me fish more efficiently and without as much frustration. I would highly recommend this product to any fisherman who appreciates quality.

SOM CREW said:
Dave's Tangle Free weights have been working great here in Southern Oregon. The flex Drifters have been sliding thru spots normal weights hang up on and out the the bay the 7.5 and 9 oz. Stacks have been crushing fish. Proud to be working with Dave and have him on the Team. Fish On !!! Josh Madden (http://www.southernoregonmetalheads)

Crooked Hook NW Fishing said:
For any kind of fishing Dave's tangle free has the right weight for the job, from boat to bank these are highly effective and truly reduce snags and tangles. Not only is the rubber coating strong and durable enough to last while trolling and side drifting but they also have a great feel to them while ticking bottom. Another form of steelhead and salmon fishing they work great for is bobberdogging, no more losing pencil lead and slinky weights, Dave's tangle free weights bounce and roll off of rocks vs. wedging between them ultimately costing the angler fishing time and money from lost tackle. The staff at Dave's Tangle Free are really friendly and helpful, they make the BEST weights hands down.

Jerome Warner said:
I have been using DTF for 3 years now and I have lost exactly one weight and it was my mistake. I have used them for plunking, back bouncing, side drifting, drift fishing, trolling and bobber fishing. I was drifting fishing a coastal stream after some real high water. During the high water the drift had changed and some larger rocks had been exposed. I was using hollow core lead and every time I would drift through I would get hung up and either loose my lead or break my rig off. I dug through my vest and found a slinky and I was able to make it through the drift twice before I got hung up and lost my rig. I remembered that Dave had given some his weights to try. I tied one on and was able to make it through the drift without losing it. I would get hung up but it would pull free. I am totally sold on these weight. Great quality weights and a great guy to deal with. Jerome Warner

Robert Conley said:
I have been using Dave's weights now since spring - they make for an incredible drop shot weight. With the variety of sizes it is easy to select the optimal weight to keep full contact with bottom, the swivel system allows the bait to stay directly above the weight as it easily rolls/slides along bottom and as advertised the snags are cut to a minimum and most are easily recovered with a good hard twitch. All of this combined with the amazing and very personal customer service that I am given is the reason why Dave's Tangle Free is our one and only drop shot weight on the water. Keep up the great work! Thanks again from Ottawa, Ontario. Rob aka Smooth www.thebassassins.com

Mark Wilde Team Longfin said:
We have had great luck using DTF Weights for live bait fishing Tuna and Salmon fishing in the ocean and bay.