Not Just an Alternative

We aren't looking to become just another replacement for lead. We built these weights because we were sick of losing rigs over and over again. We have created an improved weight system that is better. 

Why do we make the claim that our steel core weights are better?

Advanced Design

Our steel core weights fall and hold securely to the bottom. But when you go to reel up it comes out easier due to the tangle free low profile half swivel, snag-resistant plastic covering and bouncy steel core.

    You wouldn't put a lead ball in a pinball machine. Think of how steel quickly falls, yet has the ability to bounce off of surfaces. This means your steel weight can reach the bottom quickly, but not just drop into rocks and cracks to hang up. 

    With a quiet entry into target water and an easy bounce off rocks and bottom, you can achieve a stealthy approach that moves down a river current efficiently, or hunkers down deep and rests easy on a lake bottom.

Save on Replacement Tackle

The less you lose, the less you need to replace. When you have a product that doesn't hang up all the time, you not only lose less fishing  weights, but you lose less of your associated tackle. IE; expensive  flourocarbon and mono leaders, spinners, bait, swivels, mainline braid… all of it!

Non-Toxic Materials

We're not talking about some debated new psuedo-science. We're talking about a solid, dependable and safer material choice. 

Unlimited Applications

What's your favorite way to fish? There's a Dave's weight for it!