Lead-Free Bass Fishing Weights

bass fishing weights

Bass Weight Color Options

Bass fishing techniques are as varied as the anglers who fish them. We offer Original Black in all sizes, as well as options in Stealth Gray, Lake Blue and the bass anglers favorite, Moss Green.

Having color options at your disposal gives the angler the ability to fish weights that match the bottom you are fishing. We tend to sell a lot of the Stealth Gray and Moss Green in particular to Drop-Shot anglers who are fishing either rocky bottoms or weed/grass beds.

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Drop-Shot Weights

The design of Dave's Tangle Free weights is very advantageous for drop-shot fishing. It pulls through grass and weeds much easier than most weight systems. If you are dropshotting rocky ledges and bottoms Dave's Weights are much less likely to hang up in cracks and on rocks. Anglers looking for that 'Bubba Shot' approach can step up to the heavier weights and still achieve a stealthy approach. Our colors and size options are ideal for largemouth and smallmouth dropshotting. 

Carolina Rig Weights

The 'Carolina Rig' is a massively effective technique for largemouth and smallmouth bass alike. Anglers that are fishing Dave's Weights on the sliding 'Carolina Rig' achieve a unique presentation that allows plastics to have that "easy-to-grab" elevation of the tail, and ticks evenly along the bottom. The weights have a much higher chance of staying free of snags, this can be especially helpful in heavy cover/vegetation.