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Fishing Rig Tips

bass carolina rig sliding bait powerbait trout rig

The sliding rig is a dynamite way to fish bait, either floating bait like 'powerbait' for trout, or baits like worms, chicken liver or shrimp. You can also rig the sliding rig with bass baits, commonly called the "Carolina Rig." A major benefit of the sliding rig is that when a fish takes the bait, it can pull on the line without feeling the weight. That'll result in less hooks spit out quickly.

drop shot fishing rig tip

Small mouth and Large mouth bass anglers use the 'drop-shot' rig for putting plastics in front of bass. This method allows an angler to present a bait/plastic lure above the weight just above the bottom. This can be especially helpful for fishing vertically from a boat or dock. Drop-shot techniques are also popular for perch, bluegill, trout and other fisheries.

quick snap swivel fishing rig tip

The Quick Snap Method is an easy way to connect mainline and leader, then run a weight at that connection. The key to the quick snap is rigging it as shown. If the side of the swivel with the snap, is tied to the mainline, you'll reduce line twists and tangles by a long-shot. Be sure you rig quick-snaps this way when rigging up bait and lures. 

tangle free rig

We consider this rig to be one of the most effective fishing rigs ever created. The components used in this rig allow the weight and line to work together instead of twisting against each other. During a cast, the weight tends to push out front, pulling the leader and mainline with it. This transfer of energy minimizes line twists and tangles. Many bait, float (bobber), drift, spinner and trolling fishermen favor this method due to the consistent performance.