Steelhead Fishing Weights

Bobber-Dogging Weights

The rubberized coating and nature of the steel weight allows the weight to 'hunt' along the bottom without getting hung up. This is a big advantage when covering water. 

"I've never used anything that I can fish for so long without getting hung up." - Josiah Darr | Host of "Bobber-Dogging for Steelhead" 

Float Fishing Weights

For the jig fisherman, egg skein angler, or any other presentation you can put beneath a float ('bobber'.) Steelhead are highly susceptible to float fishing. By matching the size of float and weight to the water flow, you can really excel by float fishing steelhead.

Our weights are safer around graphite rods, boat wraps and leaders. 

Bottom-Bounce (Drift) Weights

Fishing weights can be an often despised part of the drift fishing process, as it easy to hang up on the bottom and lose gear. Dave's Tangle Free Weights grant the drift angler more ability to drift effectively without getting stuck.

When you're not stuck, you're fishing. When you're fishing, you never know what can happen.