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Bobber-Doggin Video

Grant Rilette talks about using the Dave's Tangle Free weights for bobber-doggin and float fishing steelhead. Bobber-dogging is an extremely effective way to keep buoyant and neutral-buoyant baits like beads and corkies in the strike zone. Grant Rilette is a fishing guide in the Tillamook, Oregon area, where this method is widely used for steelhead angling.

Steelhead Float Rig

The steelhead float rig is explained below using Dave's fishing weights. Use this rig to float bait, jigs, worms and other lures through target steelhead water. The weights land quietly in the water and quickly pull the line down and through the bobber. Whether you're fishing lighter weights or heavy salmon floats, our weights are perfect for the application. We'd highly recommend the rig specified in the video.

Dave's Tangle Free Fishing Weights have a number of uses. If you have a video showing Dave's Weights in action please email it to